Poetry By Woodsy & Amber {4} ~ The Tragedy Of Ghosts

Reverberations of a ghostly moment in time slipping between worn out generational fingers
Much like a sadness, wrapped in snow, drifting where my words used to be
Cradling the ephemeral fantasies of the mind long gone and long exaggerated
If I could feel these waves and be, like before my life stole me
And through the metamorphosis a comedy became a tragedy
Leaving me to crumble, burn away among these labels, thrown in my face where smiles used to be
Chained and strangled by these confined labels, hiding the true essence behind our given masked selves
Nowhere to go but the noise, stinging where a private silence used to sing and hug my soul
Whisperings of the ancients call, yet blurred lines block their entry by the whipping up of storms from the ant nest of modern civilization
I nearly died today, just from listening, and a small star lies dead in the wake of what I would have said back
Ponderings of floating souls, hearing the call yet not able to escape the quicksand of black holes.

~By Woodsy {WoodsyDotBlog} & Amber {DiosRaw}

~If you’d like to collaborate, feel free to find my email on this blog’s connect page.~

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