Dvaita is a word in Sanskrit that means “duality” or “dualism.” In its broadest sense, dvaita can refer to any concept that there are two principles or truths that exist completely separately and independently.

Dvaita is best known as the name of an important school of Vedanta, a philosophical system closely related to yoga. The Dvaita Vedanta school, unlike the other two main Vedanta schools, teaches that God is separate to and distinct from individual souls. In Dvaita philosophy, God takes on a personal role. He is perceived to be an eternal being that governs, controls and maintains the whole universe.

12 thoughts on “~Dvaita~”

  1. I beg to differ from Ananda reference

    Ananda(teertha was Madhvas other name) is so wrong about Dvaita… Dvaita is not merely a milestone it is the all encompassing seed.
    Advaita is merely an offshoot.

    Easy explanation: advaita they meditate upon the Lord’s radiation ( which is an impersonal product of his many external energies). They consider Lord and us to be one and the same.

    Dvaita; We focuss upon Lords feet which is very very personal. We consider Lord to be separate from us, but also a part of our soul(supersoul) where he watches and enjoys as eternal witness.

    If Vayudeva himself was sent to destroy Advaita just think on how wrong it must be.

    Sri Shankarachaarya is actually a reincarnation of Manimanta a demon destroyed by Bhima… He cursed Bhima he will be reborn and distort the Vedas…
    Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya
    Thank you
    God bless all

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    1. Thanks for sharing. Ultimately I believe beyond words and concepts the All is pure infinite consciousness personal yet impersonal, beyond duality yet also duality, beyond paradoxes yet also the paradox. No words or concepts, an experience of God = Love = Truth = Reality. 🙏🌹

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