Drifting through the writhing lost souls

Running after the escaping grasping of transient goals

Where are the spears of the day gone?

Scrambling after the hunter’s song

Trembling, where do we firmly belong?

We are the drifters, the dancers, the sun worshipers and risk takers

The dreamers, the lovers, the believers and the change makers

Curiosity stung the cat

Like the explosion of a star just like that

Your reverberations will travel with me far

Past when all the lights go out

Left in the numbness of the draught

Hopeless and desperate

Life’s tragedies, transient wandering from place to place

Imprinting on the desolate

Forgetting who I am, yet within heaven’s gate

The keys are in your hand to unlock your destiny’s fate.

~DiosRaw 08/04/21

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