55 thoughts on “Notes {96}”

  1. That guy…

    Give him 3 hours and he’ll give common sense truth for 2 hours and 55 minutes then flies off the rails..

    Just seeing his name is a confusing 🤦🏻‍♂️for me. Haha

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      1. Not sure. The last I heard him speak I felt he went further off the rails where he was dangerous, mentioned it to an investigative reporter related to the ufo stuff, and then someone inspired by some of his theories suicide bombed downtown Nashville Tennessee to take out the AT&T building hoping to free the human race from 5G covid mutations.

        I think he has a purpose but has things backwards. Media, all forms, is a reflection of the psyche and not the other way around but there’s a desire to control that which controls people. I don’t think there’s an effective way to use it. I think it’s ineffective because it’s too hard to shake early childhood conditioning where altering consciousness is temporary.

        Take “covid is fake” theories; it’s only effective when used on those who lack that basic reality that we live on an organic rock flying through space. A person who’s urban or suburban really raised on society being the ultimate reality may not grasp the earth and it’s ecology is a living organism.
        Then.. being trusting of scientists and collectives is an issue with covid coming from a lab leak. Even with it being admitted by officials related to the lab that they didn’t follow protocol because they didn’t have oversight.


      2. He does some stuff right.
        Simplifying really complex things by explaining movies. They Live and The Matrix are movies people created as a metaphor related to life topics anyone can relate to; they’re not documentaries or something some created with secret messages to sneak past the overloads.
        In the past I found him entertaining because he looks like a reptilian he talks about…
        he had some rally somewhere in Europe and he made a big mistake by telling the crowd the only way mind control works is you let it work on you.

        I worked briefly in the meat packaging industry and would tell coworkers who wanted raises that life (no matter what you do) is exactly like that. The animals believe people care about them; they house and feed them as stress free as possible while being overcrowded. Once they’ve gotten their use to the highest bidder the animals find (actually they don’t) it was always about maximizing turning a profit.
        (Actually don’t = they’re knocked unconscious before they know that’s about to happen. Closure and high fines if there are shy signs the animal may be aware of what’s about to happen.)

        Same with people. It’s just more obvious in animals.

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      3. Which part?
        It’s no different than the Alan Watts “here kitty kitty” lecture. Life is music..

        I’m sure much of (if not more than) our society is based on factory farming.

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      4. Used to relate to it.
        The name.. In the novel unwanted kids with talents the parent(s) didn’t like had a superstition god punished them for being bad, so they’d dump the kid into the In Ovo which is a purgatory between worlds.

        I’ve considered changing it because it’s both lazy to keep it and I don’t relate to it anymore.

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      5. At some point you kind of had a blog about it.

        There was a study in primates where they wanted to study depression in packs. When they removed the depressed primate the entire group was dispatched or killed off shortly after.

        It’s sort of related to the topic with the last thing I heard Icke say.

        You can’t blame an invisible enemy on your own wrong moral/value system. You can for a while but you’re responsible for your own life at some point.
        The rise in depression and disorders is most likely due to the society structures collapsing. Our society value systems are less than 100 years old.

        So… 👍🌹…🥀😭

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      6. Considering how strong of a reaction I have to Peterson and Icke, it may be a sign of the direction I’ll end up going.

        You may like Gabor Maté if you’ve never heard of him.

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      7. If I’m nitpicking someone or something it’s because it’s a subject of interest… Most things I quietly ignore. Others I obsess over and others I’m all “that’s not how it fucking works!” Haha..

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      8. If you know gabor Matè.. you’d know my angle to a degree I sometimes resort to..

        If there are those who have power and have this power over us.. wouldn’t their existence be that of the most miserable of existences in this world? To have all this wealth and power, yet, need more. If that’s the case then wealth and power mean nothing other than digging deeper into misery which is probably what their lesson here is. And those things only have power over you if you crave it yourself.

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      9. This is the blog sphere which entails a desire to be an influencer. Not saying you, me, or anyone; just that they exist.
        The people who of that model have to spend their whole lives controlling their image… be it photoshopping themselves to look thinner. Always clothed perfectly. Plastic surgery, so on, so forth. They probably don’t enjoy anything at all in life. Sounds like hell.

        It depends on the “influence” though. It’s unavoidable.

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      10. Someone tried to get me to read 50 Shades of Grey once just because she had to read it for work.. no.

        I know the symbolism… I don’t need to actually read it. Sexual bondage wanting wealth, power, material goods, and superficial lust. Great.. sounds exciting.

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      11. Gotta make the bad boy a good one. 😉

        It COULD end up deeper, but it’s not worth the time/effort to find out. I just feel like anything related to signing a contract to exchange sex for a stable job and rides in a helicopter doesn’t end well.


      12. Man, you just accidentally reminded me of the nymphomaniac and satyromaniac posts.

        (Me).. “where the hell did interest in that come from?”

        Makes sense if you blog on addictions and so on. Had to look up supercilious.. 🤪


      13. That’s an Icke thing I think he gets backwards. Media doesn’t create the desires, it feeds them for money.

        It’s too much trouble to design the desires. It happens, but not as much as you’d think.

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      14. I guess….
        It’s just the nature vs nurture argument.
        I personally just view people as animals and behave exactly the same way, but we have a sense of logic that makes us seem complicated/complex when it’s not.
        In some ways, yes. And I’m not putting down animals.. probably shouldn’t use that phrase. I’m not insulting animals..

        Animal consciousness may have the exact same experiences we have. Who knows?

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      15. Who knows my friend.. I enjoy reading your thoughts. I believe animals are just being, no sense of time only for their needs, yet we have time and that slows us from being. 🌹🙏

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      16. Phrases like “enjoy reading…” typically get weird then, after a while, silence. 🤷🏻


        I’m often reminded of this song when we chat.


      17. Also.. depends on what you mean by degenerative.

        Most cases I think they just tap into a pre-existing condition. I have an addiction to politics and I probably see more of what you’re saying there.
        Films.. honestly, I quit watching movies a long time ago and tend to watch horror movies when I do. Horror is more real to me I guess.

        But.. the formula.. sex, violence, overcoming some odds that make people think they can overcome their own. Often by an example they can’t… I like Watts views on Christianity in that regard.

        Example: any Buddhist can be a buddha. No Christian can ever be christ.

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