Symbols {11} ~ Unalome

The unalome symbol is a winding line which represents the path to spiritual enlightenment. There are many variations of the unalome, but the overall shape remains the same: it starts with a spiral on one end and then slowly unfurls into a series of twists and turns. Eventually, the line straightens. In some versions, the line is completed with a single dot.

All these components symbolize the various stages we encounter on our spiritual journeys. The spiral represents our mind at its early stages, while the twists symbolize the various twists and turns we encounter as we seek to gain understanding. The symbol’s steadying line mirrors our own sense of internal balance: as we learn and grow, our paths become less meandering and more focused, until we eventually find enlightenment. This final stage is summarized with the unalome’s dot, which represents the moment we achieve awakening and are released from suffering.

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