Life is spinning surround sound

Around and around

My heart pounds and pounds

A caged beast jumping out of my chest

Please allow me some rest

Depersonalisation, Derealisation

I am fucking done

I’m not having fun

I don’t know if I can sleep

Weeping and weep

Another tonight

They all say it’s going to be alright

It’s one hell of a fight

To keep tight

And muster this might

But I do not remember the light

It seems so long ago

That I felt any sense of peace or ease

Please God please

Let me into your kingdom again

I can’t handle this pain,

Why do I feel so insane?

Yet also sane

My body is crumbling

My spirit tumbling

Body pain never leaves me alone

I wish I had a different tone

It screams at me

What am I to do? Scream back at it?

Surely I’d wake up in an institution

Don’t know if I’m coming or going

Thoughts lost in translation, I keep doing meditation

My head is wildly scatty

How could you understand

This mess of a walking band

A symphony with scattered frequencies

Out of vibrational harmony

Suicidal thoughts swim through my head

I’d love to be dead.

~DiosRaw, 07/04/21


    1. Wow, this is a powerful piece that resonates with me. You have chronic pain as do I, I can relate very much. Thank you for sharing this with me!


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