Journal {2} ~ 05/04/21 ~ Sinkhole, Wipe-Out, Black-Out

A sinkhole devouring all history, a wipe-out, blackout, the plethora of our true essences shrivelled into dust..

A sick twisted ruling class of elites purging their dark and dirty ways onto ignorant souls.

Food that poisons our vessels, water that drowns in toxic chemicals, air suffocating the life force, spewing monsters of machines forcing their feed of propaganda onto the populace, mouths open wide in desperate hunger.

Strangled by the battering of storms, a cyclone of emotions holding my soul at gunpoint.

Yearning for a place called home, whatever that may be whilst beings profiting on sickness churn away in their stance of wealth in place of health.

Ancient history lost in the midsts of clouds we never knew, our roots cut, trees without foundation.

Existential crises, a promulgation of empty lost souls swallowing all that is held out on a golden plate.

History never walked away, the tides coming in awaiting the washing of our true nature.

Hope dappled through the trees leaving dark pools of shadows dampening the light streaming through onto the face of stoney angels.

Dwindled faith, gut wrenching stir.

Spirituality like a melting ice cube within my hand, the more I touch it, the more heat spread, the more it melts into the water of my tears onto sheets to be washed anyway..

~Love is the answer. Amber, DiosRaw 05/04/21

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