3 thoughts on “Corporatocracy”

      1. There’s always some truth to conspiracy theories which can be so unbelievable it makes the real conspiracy easier to hide because it makes discussion of the subject taboo.
        And some are good deflections from truth.

        My view: there’s a reason people unconsciously inappropriately attach nazism and propaganda; it’s in the wrong place.

        The corporate wealth mixed with individual wealth is the real conspiracy (right now) where propaganda is used to keep the financial flow exactly how it is to gain more power and influence.

        Example: the only thing I can find on Bill Gates and the billionaire class that’s completely true is they’re buying up all the farmland. They’ll own much of the earth and control the food supply.

        Others are just using propaganda to influence mobility of the population. The only thing interesting to me about Epstien is he was with a lot of these people including politicians discussing how the human population should be seeded/engineered. Nazi views…

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