Souls existing, entwining and metaphoring into the fabric of cosmic time

Emerging together, partners in crime

There isn’t anything I’d not want to know about you

As long as you’re holding my hand

We shall laugh until we wet ourselves and write our dreams in the sand

Our time together through pain and pleasure has been grand

My soul friend

An authentic God send

You left your mark as a wolf, leaving your intoxicating scent

Nostalgic times we have spent

You allow me to melt and spread me deep

Karmic lessons, those our soul’s shall keep

You gifted me laughter when I only felt pain

You’ve walked with me into the insane

Within the warmth of your arms

Electric magnetic pulses ripple through my skin

As you take me on a journey and cradle me safely within

Each thrust makes me scream

United as a team

Our flesh and bones with blood running through our veins

Your soul operating it, take the reins

I fell in love with yours, understanding mine so completely

Falling in love again and again

Every time I meet you it feels like a first greeting, never the same

Giving you that kind of love that is not distorted and fabricated

Raw, rich and honest, shadow side elaborated

Making love to you on paper

Spilled ink as passion wets the sheets

Touching your soul in every word

I tasted your innocent without a voice heard

I bit your lip and rubbed your back in between every line

Smiling writing this sublime

Finding home coiling and touching amongst each other’s sweat

That look and your fixated eyes always make me wet

Raw love makes me go wild

Enchanting and captivating

We shall join the notes in our creative symphony

Whose cadence circles the rhythmic spheres

Strengthening our core

I caress the cheeks and neck I adore

When you open your eyes and look at me

An indescribable sensation flows through what I see

For what is real is meant to be

Two hearts conjoined in close proximity

You are the remedy

And refuge.

~DiosRaw 30/03/21

I love you reading this, always remember.

14 thoughts on “Poetry {8} ~ ARMS OF EXISTENCE”

  1. Die Seele
    aus dem Urgrund
    des Kosmos

    die Träume
    steigen auf
    aus der
    Innenseite des Lebens

    die Seele beheimatet
    an die
    von Menschen
    ihre geglaubten Götter

    das Du in uns
    wählt uns
    den Partner
    zur Widergabe
    das Geschenk
    an die Kinder

    wir müssen
    lernen unsere
    Träume zu deuten

    den Menschen
    den Fremden
    in uns begeleiten

    das Begehren
    des anderen
    der in uns lebendig
    auftaucht uns berührt
    mit uns spricht

    wir sind aus dem Keim
    in das hier und jetzt

    die Zuflucht
    im Dienste
    in Not und Krankheit
    der einen Seele

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