Psychology {2} ~ Multiple Perspectives & Sub-Fields

“Topics and questions in psychology can be looked at in a number of different ways. Each perspective helps contribute a new level of understanding to a topic. Some of the major perspectives in psychology include:

~Biological perspective
~Cognitive perspective
~Behavioral perspective
~Evolutionary perspective
~Humanistic perspective

Imagine, for example, that psychologists are trying to understand the different factors that contribute to bullying. One researcher might take a biological perspective and look at the role of genetics and the brain. Another might take a behavioral perspective and look at how bullying behaviors are reinforced by the environment. Another might take a social perspective and analyze the impact of group pressure.

No single perspective is right. Each contributes to how we understand a topic and allows researchers to analyze the myriad influences that contribute to certain actions. Then, they can come up with multi-faceted solutions to combat problematic actions and encourage better outcomes and healthier behaviors.

Psychology Has Subfields
In addition to many different perspectives, there are many branches of psychology. Psychologists often opt to specialize in a particular area. Some of the biggest subfields within psychology are clinical psychology, personality psychology, cognitive psychology, developmental psychology, and social psychology.

The type of psychologist that you need may depend upon the type of problem you are facing. If you are experiencing emotional or psychological symptoms, you might need a clinical or counseling psychologist. If you have a question about whether your child is developing normally, then you might want to ask a developmental psychologist.

Some psychologists work in the field of mental health, treating patients experiencing psychiatric disorders and psychological distress. Subfields such as clinical, counseling, and health psychology are focused on helping people with mental and physical health issues.

Other psychologists work in applied subfields, such as forensic psychology and industrial-organizational psychology, to solve real-world problems. Still other psychologists focus their work on research to contribute to our understanding of the human mind and behavior. Such psychologists may specialize in a particular area such as development, social behavior, cognition, or personality.”


2 thoughts on “Psychology {2} ~ Multiple Perspectives & Sub-Fields”

  1. I thought you got banned again because your shit got weird.
    Glad you got your name back!


    Playing. Still waiting for your astrology posts. 😑
    The psychology ones are good too though.

    Better end my day before I get really weird. It’s the Libra full moon.

    A psychiatrist friend tried to get me into Lacan Psychoanalysis and I’m still confused… congrats getting your RawDios back.

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    1. I changed the name back because I felt that the other one wasn’t truly for me.. Thank you!

      I did an astrology series on my old blog that took a lot of time and effort and will do it again sometime soon.

      Haha, do the full moons affect you?

      I will look into Lacan Psychoanalysis, thanks for the new research.

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