5 thoughts on “Watch “How Disney Sanitized Fairy Tales That Were Originally Horror Stories” on YouTube”

  1. I wanted to watch this but I kept randomly falling asleep. Is it the Grim Tales type connection? Marie-Louise von Franz is absolutely amazing in terms of this subject but I haven’t gone very far into her books.

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      1. Okay. I bet some is actually covering Marie’s theories because some of that is exactly what she said.
        I’ll see if I can bookmark that and watch it when I’m not randomly passing out. (lol)

        If I recall, her view was Disney was white washing fairytales taking away their meaning which removes their value OR completely reverses it where it’s negative.

        I just remember the story of the princess and the frog; she kills the frog which is her learning independence where it was changed to the frog ending up a prince and they fall in love.
        I think her father sells her to the frog and it repulses and annoys her to the point she crushes it with a shoe or something..

        Materialism, and desire for power through lust or being used by the father paying off debts by f*^king a frog … I’d say killing the frog and breaking the loyalty to the father (authority) is the better message.

        I’ll watch it sometime this week.

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      2. I miss remembered the frog prince by mixing it up with maybe 3 others.

        She ALMOST kills the frog and she this act or rejecting it transforms the ugly exterior of the frog (which is her own psychic masculine energy); setting that boundary she became an adult. If she didn’t she’d never mature. The criticism is my kissing it she’s still expressing weakness.
        I may be thinking of beauty and the beast and something else… who knows?

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