Guest Posts {2} ~ High Windows & Rainbows

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This is a guest post from Woodsy ~

Can you beat away their anger with a stick?

Can you make their pain irrelevant
by being condescending to it?

Can you stop an avalanche
by moving out of the danger zone,
securing your walls
and ignoring those you left behind?

Can you do these things
and still expect people drenched in the truth of
open rain
to buy into the lie of your colour schemes?

Apparently, you think you can.

there is no fertile ground
between the river gullies,
sweeping away the songs of souls
tender for your storm guards to allow.

It’s such an old and weary story now,

played out in so many countries,
in so many textures…
on the canvas
of so many people’s

pointlessly zeroed and pageless lives.

Truth through your lens
can stretch and stitch itself
into any weave that fits –

truth in the cheap seats
holds no such
for me.

look so falsely glossed and phoney now –

ever since you stole them
from their phantom
halfway house
behind the sky,

dressed up the wounds behind a cosmic crash site of an eye

and made them your message
and your brush

to paint over the pain of broken bones
in river beds,
airbrush the bloodstains

and pretend
that a life dissolving in despair

was a life not earned.

used to be so soft,

so fuzzy and formless,
in their half-drawn arcs…
colours tattered on the ragged blades of clouds…

falling like half-glimpsed fingers in the rain,
to caress your eyes
with the echoes of those storms you’ve walked through

and leave some part of your soul to float

here with the rootless truth of river songs and floods.

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