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      1. True, this does apply to some people. I personally use technology as a “tool” or a “necessity”; its not something that I can’t do without, so I don’t consider my self an addict.

        To me an “addiction” is someone’s lack of ability to control an obsession over something or a insecure compulsive want to constantly have the “rush” or the “high” of something lol

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      2. Well articulated.. Personal tool yet not a necessity.. Things can become mundane and monotonous when used for an addictive pursuit. Your definition of an addict is how I would describe the concept too. Well said.

        Many of our world is locked in unconscious addiction.

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      3. Thank you, I love your explanation and break down as well 💕. I am glad that you and I understand the dangers as well as the appropriate use and role of technology, and hopefully others can break out fee of their addiction or obsession lol

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  1. It goes with the prior comment and here. It’s part of the “symbolism” I mentioned in a dream.

    —-Carl Jung once wrote: “The more you cling to that which all the world desires, the more you are Everyman, who has not yet discovered himself and stumbles through the world like a blind man leading the blind with somnambulistic certainty into the void where all the paralyzed ones follow him. Everyman is always a multitude. Cleanse your interest of that collective sulphur [an alchemical symbol of desire] which clings to all like a leprosy. For desire only burns in order to burn itself out, and in and from this fire arises the true living spirit which generates life according to its own laws…” (MysteriumConiunctionis, CW 14, pars. 189

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      1. I didn’t like Jung until it kind of went full circle. The mentioned dream series ended with an anima dream which is how I gave him another chance.
        Some of the new age stuff attached to him bugs me and it’s easy to misunderstand him. Jordan Peterson is one who does and made a career from it and I’m not opposed to darker sides of things. Peterson just often inserts his own view instead of a “truth”, I suppose.

        It’s backwards.

        I definitely think Jung only made his theories more public to make another rise of Nazism harder by laying out how their propaganda worked; I think near death he feared for the future.

        He’s right. If you know your own archetypes you can stop seeking it externally for the most part.

        Extra: I think there’s more to cell phones than just the physical interaction with the body. Like it fills a void which is how the addiction takes hold and.. never fulfills it’s promise.

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