20 thoughts on “~Dependency & Need~”

      1. Certainly, agree with you. But I want to build my own recognition. The blog should be a brand and inspiration for many others. Working together on essential things is important.

        How can I help you more than reading, liking and commenting on your posts? I don’t want to be an anonymous follower. Also, I don’t have time to waste.

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      2. Yeah!

        Just read you’re about section. I feel a sense of respect for you. I’m also mad at some level. I have so many ideas written on the paper on which I’ll work in the future. I too have a universal vision. I talk about general issues but on the deeper level, I have a spiritual heart. I want to learn everything that I can, I want to do everything for the people. But I recognise my individual existence. I do not rely on anyone.

        Wanted to give people so much love, helping them realise the importance of life, living it in the best way. β€œ I observe the city and not only the car inside a city.”

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      3. I appreciate you reading my story and for your words of kindness.

        Haha, I am mad too.. the amount of ideas we have is crazy through the day. We will spread each seed one by one and have much inspiration for the future.

        I too have a deep craving to learn all I can and we have only one lifetime. We rely on each other for resources, but I know what you mean by that. Self-sufficient.

        You are doing that, you are doing a beautiful job. You take a view from above seeing all components.

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      4. Wanted to buildup a story concept and spreading it all over the internet. I want to produce the best, original and quality content. It takes so much time, hard work, dedication and of course, a team. I can work on building concepts and telling anything through stories.

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      5. 1. The Blogger Family : we can share stories of bloggers from different parts of the world. We can ask them to share there story.( or let’s interview some bloggers).

        2. A story of an individual, showing different stages of success in life. Finding meaning, peace satisfaction and peace.

        3. Conversation between two people about current different topics and issues in the world.

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